"This is the guiding principle behind Some Villains: to exist in the ether between facile classifications. Their Facebook mission statement explains that the band’s music is an attempt “to straddle the line between the experimental and the accessible.” And on the group’s latest track The Skin, the Villains strike that balance with aplomb."

- Transistor

"Those riffs cut to the bone, the way ACDC used to do. And their perpetual motion means that avoiding them is a near impossible task unless you can bask in those vocals which are admittedly a tad softer than you'd have expected.

"Now this is hard rock for jangle rock fans, more melodic than Foo Fighters and an attractive experience for those of us who usually dive for cover on these occasions."


"‘The Skin’ is a fast moving and Brooding piece, full of anger, regret, aggression and a desire to live. In this track, Some Villains hold the bar high, and surpass it without effort, truly a great track, and if this is just a hint of what to expect from their upcoming EP ‘Outliers’, then the best is yet to come."

- Indiepulsemusic

"This new track from Somerset alt rockers Some Villains is an absolute beast. The driving drum beat and chugging riffs sound like some unseen creature pursuing you through the undergrowth, culminating in a raw, snarling guitar solo as it surges forth from the darkness and goes in for the kill."

- Belwood Music

‘The Skin’ opens with a guitar riff that dances around and evolves into the song’s real opening, with distorted chords and thundering toms. Soft yet rough vocals cut through as a guitar subtly rings in the background and the rest of this alt rock track has you itching to move forward. 

- Xune Mag

‘Master Sun’ kicks off Outliers with a bold set of drums and guitar riffs that certainly confirm the perpetual motion the band seems to generate. There’s a level of grittiness behind the sound that I love, and the way the band pack it full of little licks amongst the layers really helps beef up the instrumental to give it a real sense of tension too. The chorus rips hard as it explodes out of the gate.

- Soundsgood Blog

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