January 27, 2018

Edward Graves Composing

Welcome to my music page - home to a cross-section of music I've written for a variety of projects & in a range of different styles...


  • Commissioned composer for Television;

    • Australian Wilderness with Ray Mears [ITV] - Seven Part Series Original Composer

    • The Search For The Lost Manuscript [BBC4] - Original Composer [w/ Stu Donovan]  - Winner 'Best Factual Program' Royal Television Society East.

  • Commissioned composer - promotional pieces varying in scale from private small business (Phoenix Rain) to multinational corporation (EDF Energy).

  • Other pieces found here are simply for the love of music, the love of composing in a multitude of styles (Orchestral Epic, Sci-Fi electronica, 60's wall of sound, Soundscape).

  • Finally, a handful are tracks I've written & recorded with my band Some Villains.


N.B. Some of the music on this page may be a work in progress - please check back regularly for updates.

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Julian Of Norwich - Music In Situ





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Trailer & Promotional

Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer - Ed Graves Music / SFX

Exercise - All Audio Replaced

I've removed all audio from this trailer and have replaced it with my own original music and any additional ambient/sound effects. While the music was not written specifically to accompany this trailer, I found it works in tone & feel.


Hinterlands Trailer - Ed Graves Music & Sound Design
Exercise - All Audio Replaced
An exercise in replacing all audio in an existing cut of a trailer. This focusses more heavily on using the music to capture the barren sparseness of the locations shown, rather than trying to create a rousing trailer mini epic score.


Phoenix Rain Promotional Video - Ed Graves / Stu Donovan Music
Commissioned work

We were commissioned to write music for Phoenix Rain - a personal trainer, something modern & energizing to prevent the inevitable usage of godawful euro house/electro which seems to accompany so many fitness videos.


EDF Promotional Video [Hinkley Point] - Ed Graves Music

Commissioned Work

A promotional piece for apprenticeships with EDF leading to work at the Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station.

The brief was: 'upbeat, driving, inoffensive'. Not an incredibly soul inspiring brief, but it allowed me to attempt creating a piece of music that was not just muzak but still worked within those narrow guidelines.

Storm Waltz - Ed Graves Music

Exercise - Audio To Film

Simply attempting to create music fitting to a variety of footage of Yosemite National Park.

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For any commissions, queries, or to just get in touch - I welcome all communication. Please feel free to contact me via any of the below:
EMAIL: EdGravesComposing@gmail.com

MOBILE: 07477 628 647

HOME: 01278 782 922

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