"The more alarming of the two words in Some Villains’ name isn’t its noun. It’s that determiner “Some.” It implies that there’s a formidable current of evil out there, but these four Englanders are no cause for concern.

"Comparatively, they’re benign, operating somewhere between the borders of villainous and just. The band’s villainy is small cog in some nefarious machine hell-bent on churning out dismay and dread; they’re only a blip on the radar, the lesser of many, many evils. They’re just some villains, nothing more."

- Transistor

SOME VILLAINS is the brainchild of Edward Graves (guitar & vocals), originating in London and settling in the South West of England. In 2014 'Loose Generation' presented Graves' vision for a type of rock that contained elegance and poise over pastiche and blues cliches, utilising the 'wall of sound' approach made famous by Phil Spector and Brian Wilson.

Graves' move to within no more than a stones-throw of the Glastonbury Festival site in Somerset coincided with a flurry of activity and the formation of the band's current lineup; Graves, Stuart Donovan (drums), Luke Tozer (guitar) and Jake Beckett (bass).

The music has taken a harder edge. 2016's Lizard Teeth is an expression of 'DIY' ethos not uncommon among punk, rock and experimental precursors. It showcases the band at its most gritty and visceral, with a two-pronged guitar attack that has become a signature of the music. 'Heat Merchant' is a dystopian tale of a maniacal circus ringleader and, perhaps, an allegory for the modern world. Heredity recalls a QOTSA-like swagger while representing a significant breakthrough, receiving airplay on BBC 6 Music.

The second half of 2017 saw the band begin work on their second EP 'Outliers'. Teaming up with producer Joe Marsh, and released in March 2018, the work together has resulted in a cleaner, more focused sound crystallised best in 'Ghosts in the Field', a 'Strokesian' encounter with a colder, more grandiose edge. 'The Skin' is a change of gears, featuring blistering guitars, hard drums, and an exploration of lost love and rejection. 'Burn Me Down' is a jaunt to the dark side with the familiar dual-guitar attack accompanying a head-scratching time signature to induce a pleasing shuffle rhythm, while opening track 'Master Sun' is a trade-off sci-fi romp that encourages hip shaking.


Some Villains not only draw you in with ideas put down on tape, but also utitlise a relentless live show that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and drags you along for the ride. The band have impressed at headline slots at the Lexington, London, as well as numerous shows at the iconic Fleece in Bristol.

At the end of August they play their highest profile show yet, supporting Liam Gallagher at the 2018 Pilton Party after emerging victorious over 30 other bands, impressing the judging panel that included Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis and numerous members of the festival's organisers.   

Preparation has already begun for the recording and release of new material and the band plan to unveil more songs in quick succession.


What a day. We played to 8,000 people at Worthy Farm. The sun was shining, we had our friends, family and loved ones along with us, the crew and staff were incredibly welcoming, the sound was great, we chatted with Michael & Emily Eavis, and lots of other lovely people. We had some wonderful feedback from everyone. The crowd were magnificent and, most of all, we played well and had a blast.

Yesterday was the kind of thing that dreams are made of. The kind of gig that every band wishes for but daren't imagine could actually happen. We are all still taking it in. It was a wonderful experience and it just makes us hungry for more! We hope there will be more. There has to be more!

For all of us in the band we just want to say thank you for your wonderful support and thank you to everyone involved with the Pilton Party and the Pilton Working Men's Club Ltd for believing in us and having faith that we could deliver at this level.

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